Faith@Home is happy to introduce our Meals@Home campaign. 
One of the simplest and most effective ways to instill strong faith and values in your children is to eat together. Studies confirm that kids and teens who eat frequent meals with their parents do better in school and avoid risky behaviors such as drinking, drugs and promiscuity.
Sharing family dinners sets the stage for us to develop and value our family relationships, rather than take them for granted. Consistently having dinner together as a family keeps us in touch, allows us to trouble-shoot problems in daily living, and keeps us current with our family‚Äôs activities and life experiences.  It affords the perfect opportunity to disciple our kids by helping them see the events in their lives through a Biblical lens as we spend time in conversation around the table.
Through our Meals@Home campaign, we encourage each family to eat at least 3 meals together each week. Check out the Meals@Home Guide on this site for some helpful information on how to make your mealtimes successful.   Be sure to check out the weekly Recipe Cards and Table Talk Cards which will give you menu and conversation ideas! 
Click here for the Meals@Home Guide.
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